Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend trip to NYC

One of the nice things about living in CT is that it's sooo close to NYC, my lovely hometown.  When we can empty and rearrange our schedules, we love to take a drive down and have a great weekend of feasting and fun. Here are some snapshots from our last visit:

 Fresh Chinatown fish!

For all those sewing crafters out there: this store had a plethora of antique sewing machines. Wonderful decor!

A little wall of sewing machines. There had to be at least 500 or more total-each one so different from the next!

one of the many...

The front window (or at least part of it!)

At the Scholastic Store...Karl is such a priceless fellow! :)

Some handmade leather shoes at a side market- so beautiful!

Outside Strands Bookstore-the $1 books

A sand artist at Washington Square Park.

The cool design. Thank goodness it wasn't too windy that day, or it would have all blown away!

One of the many cool things in NYC- bringing pianos into the public parks for the public to play on and enjoy. This cool dude was playing some Joplin-esque tunes. I just love how the little old lady was standing there listening and watching.

This guy and his daughter reminded me of Luna Lovegood and her father from Harry Potter. The little girl has the cute wild blond hair and they're nesting with gross city pigeons for goodness sake! Love it.

You've heard me talk about Levain's before. Well here it is again. We went back for a different cookie. The dark chocolate peanut butter chunk.

The long line at little Levains.

The soft, chewy, delicious $4 cookie. (yes, it is worth it!)

My FIRST (can you believe it!?!) NYC hot dog!

At Grey's Papaya

Aaand...bite. YUM!

Awesome yummy boat at Sushi Family in Queens to celebrate my nephew's 13th birthday!

The party people! I must say, I love Kar's pinky here. Not really sure what it's doing.

About 20 minutes later.

Lately, Karl and I have been on a Seinfeld streak. I think we've watched...oh I don't know how many episodes the past few weeks. Anyways, this is THE restaurant from the show. So great! The staff was so friendly and the prices were great!

My Big Salad. (remember that episode with Elaine and the Big Salad?)

Karl's order.

The next day we went to a taping of "From the Top" that was downtown. My mom got us all free tickets and we enjoyed performances from a cellist, harpist, pianist and marimbaist. (is that a word?)

Me and my beautiful mom!

No day in NYC is complete without a cone from a Mr. Frostee Truck! (When my mom asked me what cake I wanted for my birthday a couple years back, I said "No cake! Just Mr. Frostee!" I have never regretted it.)

We went to a little restaurant in Chinatown called "Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles." We had seen it on the show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" as Guy Fieri's top food choice. You can see into the kitchen with the guy pulling the noodles right before your very eyes! So cool.

The noodle bowl we ordered! Although you can't really tell from the picture, this bowl of soup was laaaaarge! So tasty, mmmmmmm....

Even just looking at this picture of duck makes me hungry.

So that was our little weekend, or what I remembered to take pictures of. Oh yes, we also went to Schnippers with our awesome friend, Hannah Chung, and had amazing a yummy dinner and also the best Dark Chocolate Malt you will ever find. If you ever go to NYC, plan where you would like to go to eat-there's so much good food out there!


  1. I agree! There's practically something yummy to be had on every corner! It's one of the best things about NYC. :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment Trista! So glad you agree- There are too many who don't , evidenced by all the fast food chains in the city!