Monday, March 5, 2012

diy: wood chair revamp (awesome garbage)

as many of you know i picked up my first garbage (aka something left on the curb for the garbage truck to eat) recently. i was uber excited and had a great time redoing these chairs. it's really relaxing to paint!

when i first got them, they looked like this:

cute, right?  they're heavy and made from solid wood in the u.s. but they were so splintery i had to do a bunch of sanding before i did anything else.

and i learned from last time that it really is worth the couple extra dollars to buy a sanding block instead of just sand paper. fyi. oh and also buy some dust masks while you're there. 

here they are after a couple hours of sanding. i went over them with a medium grit and then finished off with a fine grit. (per the advice of a crazy russian man at home depot. turns out he knows what he's talking about)

ta-da! all done! i used some paint i had left over from painting my goodwill coffee table. it's martha stewart...some kind of grey....(yah, helpful, i know) 

i thought it would be fun and more adventurous to paint the bottom ring a "pop-y" color. so i went with yellow. 

originally i had planned on doing some sort of pattern with yellow in it. 

but then i was challenged to do something way different and try something i wouldn't normally.

i picked up this heavier material at wal-mart for $5 a yard. 

i like the yellow with the navy stripe. it's a good color combo i think :)

here is where' they'll be for now. since our eating area is a combined area with our living room, it makes the room flow so much better to have lighter chairs rather than the dark ugly ones that we had before! 

so there's my first real diy project ! so excited to be done and really happy with how they turned out! 
even k-man (the hubs) likes them alot!