Sunday, June 17, 2012

elizabeth garden this time of year.... absolutely gorgeous! you may remember from last year, (go here to see it last last summer) all the beautiful pictures of roses i put on my blog. well, it's time again for them to be blooming and we were only to happy to take a little walk down to the park and get some pictures. (and knowing us, we always include a little crazy when possible!)

ok, how romantic are these rose arches???

there are dozens of these rose arches!

exhibit a.

and now for some crazy..... 

 you know how much we love our jumping pictures!

happy to be back together after 6 days apart!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

once again...

once again, dear friends, i must apologize for being mia on this blog. things have been quite busy (i realize this is no excuse since people with like 5 kids manage to blog more often than i do) so let me fill you in on some things!

+ June 5th was our 2 year anniversary and we went out to a fancy-shmancy restaurant to celebrate. thankfully, it was restaurant week in Hartford so it didn't cost a fortune.

+ on the downside, during that dinner, i had lobster for the first time (lobster ravioli in a cream sauce) and we discovered i have a shellfish allergy. how did i know i was allergic? um well maybe the burning itchyness of my whole body, my hugely swollen lips and the lumps popping up on my chest and neck. on the plus side, we went to the emergency room at 4am and were back home by 5:30 am. yay for quick trips.

+ later that day (june 6) i left for ny to spend a day with my mom before flying out to seattle at 6am the next day.

+i spent thurs-monday in seattle and had a blast! i was there for the wedding of one of my roommates, and we had a great time. i also got to see one of my college friends and she was the best host, taking me around to all the most amazing spots in the city.

oh ps. in this picture i'm holding some of the best coffee i've ever tasted- 2 shots of espresso, mocha, chai, and cayenne pepper. oh yum.

i was in love with all the beautiful peonies at the pike's place market. uuuuber beautiful and only $2 a stem! too bad i couldn't bring any back with me.

i bought this cool print from this artist-lady who was doing some beautiful paintings while sitting at her table. i love all the colors in this one.

um, dark chocolate linguine???? yup. tasted like dark chocolate too. i'm telling you, they have everything in this place.

i wish there were one of these in connecticut! i would go there allllll the time.

wedding time!

+ unfortunately, my flight got delayed back into nyc where i was meeting up with karl to go to shakespeare in the park (our summer time tradition). we were a little late, but we still got to see most of "as you like it." we will be back later in the summer to see "a walk in the woods" starring amy adams. we'll probably have to wait over 15 hours in line for tickets. (hopefully we won't beat our 18hour wait for merchant of venice with al pacino)

+tuesday i was back in ct and already adjusted to the time change. somehow that was much easier than i expected. (i mean basically you just sleep 3 extra hours and you're back on track.)

+ i also bought a brush and for the first time brushed my hair in 6+ years. weird but true. you're welcome.

+ oh and one last thing! it's official! we will be traveling to hungary this summer to participate in one of our favorite music festivals! it's 2 weeks long and we are very excited. we will also get to visit florence, venice, southern france and paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-----a little excitement. so guess what that means for you, dear readers? lots and lots of beautiful pictures!

have you ever been to seattle? what's your favorite thing to do there?