Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome To Mi Casa: Living Room

Finally, the post everyone my mom and in-laws have been begging  kindly requesting! We moved into our new digs about a month ago on a soggy, rainy, cloudy Sunday. By Tuesday we had all our boxes unpacked, our clothes put away and our photos/art hung on the walls. (Yep, I'm kind of obsessive compulsive about having everything in it's place asap. makes life a little less stressful sooner. plus I hate when I can't find the 1/4 measuring cup.) And now, a month later, I've taken a couple snapshots- which I know I should have done sooner. We haven't gotten any new furniture since our last place (which you can see here, or at least partially) yet I wanted it to feel like we did. I switched out the area rugs from our bedroom and living room and created a different color palate and feel.

This is the living room. The door leads out to a balcony, not an entrance. (remember there was a green/leafy rug in our last living room? oh and we had yellow walls that cast a strange glow. white is so much better)

opposite wall of the couch. on the right is one of the built-ins.

the built in. houses crafts, books, games and miscellaneous, "i don't know where else to put it" items.
love the doors though.

entry door. built-in right next to door. bookshelves on the right. (and below)

our books. karl did all the shelf styling- i'm so proud of him :)

a book written by karl's great-grandfather in norwegian (front copy,1926 ed). his grandfather translated it into english (back copy) 

cool cloth-bound children's books by an english artist. picked them up at a bookstore going out of business for 90% off.

some more of our older books. i love old copies of classic children's books. i'm weird like that.

even though we've only been living here a matter of weeks, i've already switched the furniture around. which is hobby/obsession of mine. 

the coffee table i picked up at goodwill for $10. still need to sand and repaint it.

my poor succulent that i had to replant and almost all of her leaves rotted away. 

our little balcony. my basil plant is doing well. can't say as much for the rest of them. i always forget what plant i should water which days and which one i just watered. poor things. they've been through a lot.


  1. Very inviting! So very clean, fresh and airy looking! I would just love to pick some books off the shelves and start reading!

  2. I love the fresh white color scheme! Very pretty.

  3. Cute! I love your furniture! There's not much stuff like that in the west coast...

  4. I love the little chair in your living room! Where did you get that. My living room is very similar in color and style to yours. :) Loved seeing your pics--you have a really cute place.