Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Thoughts

As you may have noticed, i've been making some changes with my blog. Perhaps the biggest change since I first started is more consistent blog posts. At our previous apartment, we didn't have internet which made it much more difficult to blog. Since we've moved to a new place that includes wi-fi in the cost of our rent, this problem has disappeared. (wa-hoo!)Soooo, I've decided to format things a little differently and hopefully you like the changes :)

Mondays I'll be linking up with "He Sows, She Sews" for "I'm Blessed" which will re-focus my mind on what I have to be thankful for that week.(it's also a chance for you to get in on the thankful train too!)

Tuesdays is basically whatever I feel ,like doing: maybe a recipe, craft, or something just random.

Wednesdays I'll be linking up with "What I Wore Wednesday" (hosted by "The Pleated Poppy") which is a type of accountability tool to motivate wives and mothers to get out of their yoga pants and t- shirt routine.(which is exactly what I'm wearing as I type this. Yikes!)

Thursdays:same as Tuesdays for now.

Fridays I'll be linking up with Insta-Fridays, a week in photos.

Any posts on Saturday and Sunday will be extra-credit.(man, it's been a long time since I've been in school!)


So on to today! Here are some things that occurred to me this morning:

- I can get excited about anything after my morning cup of coffee

- My posture is really horrendous

- I really shouldn't forget my purse (which has my drivers license in it) when I drive around.

- If I don't buy more bananas there will be no more breakfast in our house

- I'm really glad nude nail polish is making a comeback since I have some clear stuff and what's more nude than clear?

- I shouldn't have put that many hot peppers in the chicken enchiladas last night.

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