Sunday, September 11, 2011

Awesome Autumn!

Ok, I know it's technically not autumn yet, but the weather has become just perfect to spend some time outside! We took advantage of that this weekend and went on a little walk (ok, so it was a couple miles and   I'm totally out of shape) down to the Center and had fun walking around....

The Center (well, part of it) the library is in the back center and in the middle is a kind of courtyard where they do all kinds of activities in the summer. Every Wednesday there's a little stage with a band playing music and people bring little picnics. 

Barnes and Noble- we almost always stop here when we're in the center

Nope, we're not at a friends house or really anyone's house. We're at Crate&Barrel and, yes, this is what we do when we're there.

Sitting on a bench outside B&N. We are tired from walking all the way down there. Which is why we look a little drugged.

A little side trip to Trader Joe's. Love THAT PLACE. Notice how I put the mushrooms and lettuce in a prominent place and hid the sweet cereal bars and brownie mix? (yeah, I didn't plan that) We really do try to eat pretty healthy! p.s. We just read in Consumer Reports that out of 16 brands of box brownie mixes, this one from TJ's blew the rest out of the water. I'll let you know what we think of them!

Also this weekend I found a coffee table!!! I had been looking for one for a couple months, but was just surprised at the poor craftsmanship and high price tags. Even at C&B they were wobbly and not made out of all wood. Well I picked this one up second-had for............$10!! It's solid wood and not factory made. 

I'm thinking about sanding it down and re-painting it to match the rest of our furniture. (shhh, don't tell Karl)

This weekend I also hit up the library sale and picked up some awesome books. Like this vintage fairytale book will awesome illustrations. (I have an addiction to cool kid's books)

Also I got this James Herriot Children's collection. It has all the stories that don't have the words "twisted uterus" and "bloody afterbirth" in them.

This one is a cool kid's book with all the illustrations by Velazquez.

And lastly, this book about a Norwegian ski race. Gotta start the Norwegian collection sometime....

Can't wait to show you what I picked up this Sunday outside a fancy house...

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  1. That must have been quite a short collection by Herriot if it omits those phrases ;-). hehe. But in all seriousness, I love the books you picked up! We're children's books fanatics too.