Monday, July 16, 2012

Ted's Burgers (man v. food)

As you may already know, we  love eating food. good food, to be more specific. lately we've been watching that show "Man Versus Food." (it's on Netflix now) We loooove all food-centered shows: Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Diners, Drive-In's and Dives, America's Next Food Star, Restaurant Impossible, Kitchen Nightmares, The Best Thing I Ever Ate... you get the idea.

When we go to NYC we always try to go to one of the places we know has been labeled by chefs and foodies alike as delicious. When my awesome friend and food-lover came to visit us, we just had to go to Ted's Burgers in a little Connecticut town to have their steamed burgers.

We all (Karl, me, and H-Banana) had seen the the episode on Man Vs. Food where Adam Richman goes to Ted's Burgers to try their famous steamed burgers. Basically they have a special machine that steams the burgers and drains all the fat away from them. After they are cooked, they melt the cheese right on top of the burger by also steaming the cheese. Guys, this has to be the best cheese I've ever had on a burger. 

 In the back left, you can see the little steamer oven. These are our burger which have just been taken out.

 Ok, are you drooling now? I told you this cheese was amazing! 

I looooove cheese and I was pretty much on cloud 9.

I had a bunch of toppings on my burger- I think you can order up to like 5 or something without any extra charge- and it was super flavorful. Plus since it didn't have all that fat I didn't feel gross or bloated after eating this burger (I wasn't even hungry when our food arrived) AND some of their freshly cut potato fries. If you're a plain-cheeseburger-with-no-other-toppings-kind-of-guy (like my husband) you may not like this burger as well. 

I think H-Banana sums her feelings up about this burger pretty well.


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