Thursday, July 19, 2012

WWOTM. Maple Beach Burgers.

(this is part of the We Wandered Out To Minnesota series)

One of the days we were at the lake we went on a fun double date with Karl's brother and his wife. They had found this little burger place on the edge of Lake Lida and had been there before. If there ever was a cute, out of the way joint, this was it!

Maple Beach is this tiny little cabin across the street from a beautiful, big lake. You go in and order your food and then take a seat outside on one of the many picnic tables. When your order is ready, the cook bangs on the window and holds up a number card. If the number he holds up matches your order number, than the food is ready. You just go inside and pick up the tray.

 Here's our tray. And our family fries. They have all kinds of different burgers for such a small place. It's reasonably priced and very tasty!

There are no soda fountains at a small place like this- just a vintage fridge where you can pick out a can of soda. How could I resist this Strawberry Crush??

Sometimes you just gotta go for the artificial. 

Who's with me on that?

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