Sunday, June 17, 2012

elizabeth garden this time of year.... absolutely gorgeous! you may remember from last year, (go here to see it last last summer) all the beautiful pictures of roses i put on my blog. well, it's time again for them to be blooming and we were only to happy to take a little walk down to the park and get some pictures. (and knowing us, we always include a little crazy when possible!)

ok, how romantic are these rose arches???

there are dozens of these rose arches!

exhibit a.

and now for some crazy..... 

 you know how much we love our jumping pictures!

happy to be back together after 6 days apart!


  1. Wow! Those rose covered arches are beautiful! I would be jumping for joy if I saw those too.

    You know, if I could have just one of those arches in my backyard, I might just be the happiest girl in the world :)

    I bet it smelled amazing!

  2. So pretty!!!!
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    I hope you enter for a chance to win!!!!! Hurry though, it ends tomorrow!