Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Wandered Out To Minnesota

Every summer (and sometimes even in winter!) we go back to K-man's hometown in Minnesota. It's waaaay far north and west. If you drive there from the East Coast you may even think you've driven far enough to end up in Canada or Alaska. 

we always get a picture (don't ask me why-maybe it's the proper farmer thing to do) in the corn on July 4th before we head out to the ooober-big family gathering at the lake. Here we are joined by our nephew who wanted to be in our family picture. Adorbs.

Although each summer is different, many things stay the same. The corn always grows at an incredibly fast rate, the lake house is always there, there are about 100 relatives that we visit with (no, I am not exaggerating), there is gardening to be done, and lots of other fun things.

This year I did a couple things I haven't done yet: cherry picking (and pitting) and fishing.
I have never ever been cherry picking before, but if I had known it was going to be 99 degrees I guarantee you I would have not worn skinny jeans. Don't let these pictures fool you- I was a sweat bomb when K-man snapped these. 

A relative had a cherry tree that he kept just for decoration and didn't use any of the cherries. Well goodness, I'll take them! (now if I could only convince my neighbors to let me have fruit from their apple and pear trees!) 

Me and my pickings. There's actually a better picture where my eyes are actually open, but my hair didn't look as good in that picture. Yeah, I'm girly like that.

When we got home that evening it took 3 of us working for about an hour to de-pitt all the cherries that got picked (about 2 gallons).

These are actually sour cherries and will need to be made into pies or jam. Or at least some recipe that uses a bunch of sugar.

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our MN adventures!

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  1. So cute that Karl & Trygvie have the same colored t-shirts and similar sandals!