Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday: I'm Blessed

Just like every week before this one, time has flown by. I mean really flew away and didn't even give me time to think about autumn arriving. Today I have a lot to be thankful for. So adjust those reading glasses and let's plow ahead!

-I am so blessed to have a fairly easy, no- big- stresses- in- sight life right now. When I stop to think about years gone by, I remember being so stressed out about certain issues and problems that I couldn't sleep at night and developed some health problems. Maybe it doesn't make sense to you. So to sum up: God has been so good to us, providing for our needs financially, spiritually, and physically. It's a place we haven't always been.

- the leaves are starting to change colors! I don't think there is any prettier place in America in the fall than the northeast. It also means we'll be going to B.F.Clyde's cider mill soon for some fresh apple cider and doughnuts.

-two years ago today, Karl asked me to marry him. (I probably should have listed this first) though the story is too long for today's post, it was a wonderful, long day full of surprises and fun. (which ended with him asking me to marry him right by the lighthouse on baltimore's harbor) (actually, it didn't end there, because we went back to my apartment and called our parents. My mom already knew what he was fling to do that weekend, but I prank called her and told her I said "no".) (oh and after that we called Karl's parents and they sounded pretty surprised. Which you should translate as 'shocked'. Haha, a quiet, conservative, Minnesotan, Lutheran family now must come to grips that a crazy, wild, sassy, speak-her-mind, latina, New Yorker was going to be a part of their family!) (wow, that was a lot of parenthesis)

- the apartment is chilly so I've been making bread more often to heat up the place. This morning I made Irish soda bread for the first time.

- the great time we had with some friends eating dinner at Plan B and then coming back to our place for dessert and a game of Greed.

-a super comfortable bed that begs and pleads with me every morning to stay just 5 minutes longer.

- time this morning to finish a book a started last night. (wonderstruck) yes, I know it's a kids book, but it is over 600 pages and is about a boy from Minnesota and a girl from Queens, NY, so I just Had To read it.

- a viola lesson on Friday. It will help me kick my viola butt back into shape.

- reaching over 1,000 page views this month. I know that's just a little thing, but it makes me feel good to know that even though you don't comment, you're reading.

-flowers and a box of tea. One of the other violin teachers I work with came over last week and brought beautiful flowers and a box of delicious tea for me. It's those little unexpected things that really make my day.

-a coffee table I don't feel guilty putting up my feet on. Yay thrift store!

- the coffee I spilled this morning on our white couch came off.

And with that, I end today's 'I'm Blessed' post. What are you thankful for today?


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  2. This is Karl and I wanted to say Happy Engagement Anniversary. I realized that when I comment, it looks like you've commented so I tried to delete the first one. Anyway, I love you and I'll see you soon.

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  4. HAPPY ENGAGEMENT ANNIVERSARY DAY! You were a very calm and quiet girl growing up (your chinese part) never a "crazy, wild latina."
    It's the hormones!

  5. Stopping over from the blog party. Sounds like such a romantic proposal!