Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Thursday and an Awesome Giveaway

Contrary to all that autumn should be, this week has been hot, humid, rainy and cloudy. The past couple days have felt like it's 4 o'clock all day. (y'know, darkish, quiet, and boring) I made a trip to Trader Joe's yesterday after Bible Study (since I was already like 1/2 way to the store) and bought...........(drumroll) AN OREGANO PLANT!!! Yay, one more herb to add to my 'garden' (haha, pots on my porch). So far I have basil, chives, and oregano. What other herbs should I add? Mint? Lavender? Give me some ideas, folks!
Ok, so enough about that for now. (i'll include pictures of 2 awesome new items i bought at TJ's at the end of this post) 
What about that giveaway? Long story short: it's time to do something fun and get more feedback from you!  :)  One of these awesome totes will be given away to you! I'm trying to build up my etsy shop and reopen it with some exciting and new items. These totes will be available once I reopen my shop, but for a special preview, I'll be giving one away! The winner will be randomly selected using an online number generator and will get to choose one of the 4 totes below. (you can specify if you would like black or flamingo for the words)

also available with flamingo lettering (as are all totes)

doesn't he? 

perfect for toting around the necessities, y'know, like music.... ;)

So are you ready to enter the giveaway? Here's how to enter:

:: you must be a follower of fifteenevergreen (it's super-super simple if you have a gmail account) and leave me a comment telling who your favorite composer is right now.

:: for additional entries you can post a link to this post on your blog or facebook account

be sure to leave a separate comment for each thing you do!

The winner will be announced on Monday, September 8th!

Now for my 2 happy purchases at Trader Joes: 

These things are seriously good. like your eye brows go up and your eyeballs pop out when you taste them.

way better than I expected.  what's a day without coffee? oh yeah, one where your eyes are closed the entire day. 

Happy Friday folks, and dont' forget to enter the giveaway!


  1. My favorite composer right now is Shostakovich- we are working on the violin concerto in orchestra!

  2. What a great idea--love the bags!

    Love Rachmanninoff right now. His piano concerto (no. 2) is being performed next week here at the Bobs. Can't wait. :)

  3. I don't listen to much compositional work these days! But I think you could make an argument that Sufjan Stevens fits the composer the bill! If not him, then any of the French impressionists. :D

  4. My two favorite composers are Bach and Shosty! Cute bags!!!