Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday's Randomosities

Happy Thursday everyone! Can you believe tomorrow is Friday? (I think I  say this too much, but time really does fly!)

I've finally gotten into some kind of routine with my practicing which is good. 

I didn't practice today which is bad. 

I remembered to take a pict. for WIWW today which is good.

There was major flooding on the campus where my husband goes to school/teaches/works which is bad. 

We got a buy 1 get 1 free at Coldstone Creamery tonight which is, yup you guessed it, goooood.

My basil plant is an absolute diva, which is bad (nobody likes a diva).

I got an amazing back massage from my bff which is good.

There are still a lot of dirty dishes in my sink. bad.

Spell check says "no guesses found" for   randomosities. funny.

I found a super-quick yummy recipe for dinner: pocket chicken pot pies.
you make the filling (with chicken, veggies, cream cheese, butter, salt, pepper) and wrap it in croissants and brush it with and egg wash.  

Homemade salsa with garden tomaatoes. (and serrano peppers. and garlic. and cilantro. and salt.) 

Don't ask me why I'm holding a hot pepper with no gloves. Or why I'm making that face. But you should know that next time I will wear gloves.

Finished 2 projects this week. This is one of them.

Hubs-made pasta aglio e olio with homemade breadcrumbs. We love our food processor.

Our date to Coldstone Creamery. Speaking of which, I feel really relaxed for all the sugar I just had. 
This is good.

Happy Weekend!

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