Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, Late -Night Style

Is late night even a style? Not really sure. I think it's just my excuse for any typos or lack of cohesion you may find in this post. Anyways, its Tuesday and as I am suuuuuuuuuuuuuper tired and pooped (which is just a more intense version of tired) so I thought I'd share a couple picture from this week. Mainly food, which has not made nearly enough appearances on my blog as of late. :)

The food we got to take home from a wedding we did at the Mark Twain House. Favorite: the dumplings. You can't eat just one. (and I didn't)

Spring rolls. dumplings. fried rice. fried crab dumplings. veg. noodles.

My West Coast Burger (fried egg, avocado, and olive mayo) with a deeeelicious pickle and parmesan fries. (which were a waste of the $2 upgrade from regular fries)

The Irish Soda Bread I made the other morning. As you can see, I cut the "X" too wide and ended up with 4 pyramid-like corners. Lesson learned.

Last night's dinner: fresh corn chowder, salad and soda bread. 

That's all for tonight! 

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