Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Medieval Times, m'lords and ladies!

well i haven't found my camera uploader thingy, but i can't stay away from blogging too long without any personal pictures. so. we're doing things the dinosaur way. i have lots of fun posts with lots of pictures coming up so i hope you'll keep coming over often!

on our last trip le big city, aka new york, we stopped over in jersey to go to medieval times-somewhere i've been wanting to go for like 3 years. we finally go to go and i was sooo excited. (can you tell?)

it's a huge 'castle' with an arena where they have a cool jousting festival and feast. you can smell the horses when you drive up to the parking lot. it's so cool! (can you tell i didn't grow up around big animals???)

the ceiling is painted with really cool designs.

you arrive 1 hour before the dinner/show and they have a large room/s with (of course) stuff to buy, face painting, music and a little "knighting ceremony" (which, of course again, you have to pay for)
hey, i think i found my knight in shining armor! (oh wait, he's not for sale)

 after an hour, you go into the arena and sit down at your color section. you are assigned a certain color knight to cheer for. we were with the yellow guy. who was pretty good.


 the food is finally brought out in courses starting with a tomato bisque and garlic bread. you must drink the soup and eat with your hands. no utensils. (although some people in the blue section at table 8 brought their own and were publicly denounced by the king) lol.
yup, a 1/2 chicken. to eat with your bare hands. 

 let the games begin! there was jousting, sword fighting, and some other horse-related activities. so. cool.

we had such a good time! we cheered and booed and yelled and acted like crazy people. a much needed change of pace from our usual busy lives :)

have you done something fun (whether big or little) with your husband/boyfriend lately? If so, I'd love to hear about it. we're always looking for fun things to do!

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