Thursday, December 22, 2011

our very first happy little christmas tree

this year we bought our first christmas tree! (live of course. we don't really have the space to keep a fake on for 50 weeks a year. and plus, real ones just smell soooo good!)

i was very excited since the last christmas tree i had was a 6 foot potted palm tree in my dorm room. yup. classy, i know.

all this shopping was very exciting for me: the tree stand, tree blanket, giant lights, candy canes, and of course, a tree!

we went to the boys scouts, but they were only open in the afternoon. so we went to home depot where they had a bunch more trees for much cheaper. love saving $$$.

tree stand assembled. took us like 7 minutes. (we should be smarter than that with all the student loans we're paying back ;P )

cleared a spot in the living room for the tree. (yes, my living room is once again rearranged.)

our tree! we named him Fraiser. since of course he is a fraiser fir. we are very original when it come to naming things. 

ta-da! there he is! it's about 6 1/2 feet tall and plenty big for the space it's in. tree skirt from target: $5.

with lights! i love the big colored lights i bought this year. i may buy another strand for next year.

so far we have a couple ornaments on the tree (that were an early christmas gift), some cinnabun candy canes and a bunch of gifts on the tree. i love how simple it is. 

it smells delicious. 

happy christmas, everyone!


  1. Love the tree! And I love how often you rearrange your space. If Joe would let me, I totally would!!!!!

  2. We got our first live tree at home depot as well! we love it.