Wednesday, December 7, 2011

wiww: lincoln center

welcome to wiww or what-i-wore-wednesday. it's where lazy people like me try not to be lazy and get out of our unflattering, boring comfy clothes and put some effort into our appearance. it's actually an awesome little blogging party over at The Pleated Poppy Blog where hundreds of women are joining in on the fun.

i'd have to say, being accountable for what i look like has really made me think about what i put on. am i wearing it just because it's the first thing i see in my closet? and do i realize other people must look at me? it should not pain them to do this.

this week i only have one picture (boo for me!). it's one of my favorite outfits now :)
oh, and please excuse the pose. i was going for excited. or dramatic. or something else.

scarf: gift
plum blazer: ann taylor loft
cashmere top: gift
black leggings: old (so?)
riding boots: marshalls
flower and feather headband: my s h o p
purse: target

if you're wondering what the weird and slightly awkward smiles are in this picture, it's because this happened:
scene: we're taking crazy jumping pictures in lincoln center, nyc.
karl, with camera: "jump higher!"
jess: "really? did you get one good one at least?"
(stranger and french man approaches)
strange man with accent: "Oh hello!!! i take picture for you!"
jess and karl: "um, ok"
s.m.w.accent: walks around looking at the camera screen: "we go over this way. ok, i get fountain in background. ok, that picture no good. to many people behind. ok, one more. ok, move to ze left again. ok, now to ze right. ok. not bad. one more. ok!!! this one good. bye-bye."

gotta love it. and i do. 

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