Monday, December 12, 2011

e a t a l y. mario batali's little market.

ok guys, so I promise not to blog about food for a while.....after this post, that is.

 I cannot resist sharing with you some crazy supermarket pictures with you. what?!!??? supermarket pictures??? 

 if you haven't heard of it (and don't smack yourself, i just heard of it recently too) mr. mario batali (aka the famous chef who wears orange crocs all. the. time.), has opened up this mega market  in nyc. it's called
e a t a l y and their slogan is "we eat what we sell and we sell what we eat." basically it's this like 20,000 square foot market. 

it's divided into sections. produce. pastas. meats. sandwiches. coffees. gelato. breads. chocolates. desserts.

and in each of those sections, there's a mini-restaurant. so you see the food. and you can:

1) either buy it and figure out what to do with it
2) have chefs make you food with the items in that particular section.

for instance: in the pasta section (where they sell both fresh and dried pasta) you can buy some like you do at the regular grocery OR, you can sit down in that area and have them make you a pasta dish. 

sounds pretty simple, right? 

well, each section of the store has it's own complete menu. that's like 20 different menus. woah.

so needless to say, if you are hungry for good food, go to eataly.

but be prepared. it is crowded. and not just "it's crowded like every other nyc store" its like SUPER crowded. but cool, so kinda evens out. maybe.

ok, enough chit-chat. here's the eye candy:

cheese and sausages.

 a little view of some meats.

and fish below.

coffee and espressos. 

some fresh pastas.

preparing some dishes in the vegetable section

some fruits and veggies.

some sweets.

 one of the entrances. there are like 5 different entrances to this place.

 we didn't end up eating here because it was super-de-duper crowded. but on our next trip we will definitely be eating here. until then, i need a snack......

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  1. one word: YUM!!!! always a pleasure seeing food shots!