Friday, January 6, 2012

it's the little things: new year.

today i'm linking up with lindsey for "it's the little things"- a post where we share a couple of the little highlights that made our week. here are some of mine:

after weeks of deciding if i wanted to do it or not, i finally decided to spray paint this fake birdcage gold. i'll bring it to the craft fair i'm doing as part of the display.

 vintage teacups. oh to be dainty again.

my morning cup of joe. this mug has become my favorite one for morning coffee. it holds just the right amount. 

 one of my little students invited me to her sleepover-ice skating birthday party. 
so. adorable.

i discovered these and there is no going back. dark chocolate. mint. fluffy. 
and possibly the only chocolate candy i will ever eat again.

tonight the hubs and i have no obligations or teaching. what a treat! we can actually hang out and have fun being best friends. 
lately we've gotten into the show LOST,

*sidenote:  i'm always one to be slow hopping on the popular bandwagon. for instance i waited almost 10 years to read harry potter. case and point. 

and since we're both late night snackers, a bag of popcorn usually goes perfect with that. maybe tonight we'll have some more of the pumpkin streusel muffins i made earlier. cuz they're so yummy. 

we're really enjoying his time off from teaching. it's nice to homebodies every once in a while.

now excuse me while i go hang out with a cool dude and make some pizza!

happy friday!

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  1. How sweet of her to invite you :) That's the cutest thing ever! Happy Monday!!! {I'm sooo late on catching up on the linky party!} :D