Sunday, January 29, 2012

p h o t o s h o o t

it's pretty traditional to send out a christmas letter in my husband's family. you know-it's where you mail friends and family a recap of your year with a picture and christmas card. it's good for getting updates from family members you don't see too often's just fun to get!  

they (christmas letters) are also a way to keep track of your memories and life events.

when i married Karl, his mom gave me a binder with all their christmas letters- about 20 years worth.
it was pretty cool to read and i felt like i knew my husband a little bit better!

anyways, last year our christmas letter didn't get out until around valentine's day. we hope to do better this year! 
the letter is written, the picture is taken and even some of the envelopes are addressed!

we thought it would be fun to take some new pictures- especially when we got a surprise little snow storm. since out budget was exactly $0 we got one of our friends to snap a few picts on my dying little digi cam.

it was pretty funny. when our friend arrived at our apartment to help us out he said "these pictures aren't going to be like for a christmas card or anything, right? cuz you know i'm like the world's worst picture taker." what a great start! ;)

i think they turned out just fine and am super thankful for his help!
we are only using 1 for our letter/card, but i thought it would be fun for you all to see them all!

 most awesome christmas gift from Karl! a new viola case!!!! 

happy new year!!! (p.s. we love jumping pictures. we take them everywhere.) 

this pretty much sums up our relationship. yup.

 you can't really tell, but the only in focus part is our hands. i should have done better editing this one. maybe black and white with color in the focal area....
i look so submissive here. i'm not.

any guesses on which one we choose for our christmas letter?
which one is your favorite?

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