Friday, January 13, 2012

The Cold, Hard Truth

The past week there have been somethings i have realized.

 i've been stressed out about a bunch of things and my hair is falling out more than usual. (eeww, gross i know, but i won't be going bald anytime soon thanks to extra-thick hair) 

 this weekend (tomorrow actually) is my first ever craft fair. while i'm excited, i'm also worried i may have misspent money and time preparing for it. auditions are coming up soon. for those of you who don't know, both Karl and I are preparing to go on for more school. He's auditioning for DMAs (doctor of musical arts) and I'm auditioning for a number of different programs at various schools. Finding the time i need (at least 4 hours a day) to practice has not been happening. for a while.  my students are driving me crazy (who comes to a violin lesson without a violin??!!?). i painted my fingernails yellow. (who does that!!??)  forgive my randomness and possibly crazy-personness right now. (yes, that is a word. no, don't look it up, just trust me ;p )

despite all of this, i still feel completely blessed, fortunate, and rich. i am constantly reminded of how grateful  i need to be for my health, a safe and comfortable apartment, an amazing husband, how God has continued to provide for all our needs.

what i have realized throughout the week:

+ everything on my list will not get done. stressing out about it doesn't help. (surprise!)

+ my house will not be as clean as i like. get used to it. 

+ having my personal devotions first thing in the morning will be the most important thing i do. if i've spent my time with God, that day is successful no matter what the outcome.

+ drinking water will really help keep headaches away. it will also reduce stress.

+ remembering to drink water is essential.

+ yelling at the idiot driver in front of me is not good. he can't hear me.

+ i can kill a scary spider if i put my mind to it.

this awesome e-book is just what i needed. i've always known i have so many clothes i don't really use  them to their full potential. 

+ blogging is cathartic. (thanks to those of you who stop by for a quick read and a huge thanks for your comments!)

+ i love to cook. and eat. both go together well.

+ smoothies make an 'ok' day awesome.

+ i met my mailman today. he asked if i was the violinist. i didn't bother to correct him, but just nodded. (besides who needs or wants another violist confession or explanation?) he told me his daughter plays the violin.  cool. 

thanks for reading and wish me luck for the craft fair tomorrow!

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