Wednesday, January 18, 2012

craft fair fun

i recently had my craft fair and boy was it an adventure!   i never really realized how much work goes into just preparing everything to be "customer friendly." it was a long day but really fun!

the event wasn't really technically a craft fair. it was a "fashion 4 u!" event hosted by the Girl Scouts of Southern Mass. there was a stinky $20 admission fee (which i didn't know about until after i had signed up for the event) and it was mostly pre-teen girls running around screaming. not ideal.

however, there was free food (that always gets me) and really cool people to meet. the vendor to my left was this really sweet lady in a burka doing henna tattoos. she offered to do one for free on me. (!!!!!!!! I LOVE HENNA TATTTOOSSSSS) but since i had a Doctoral audition/interview the next day, i thought it would be best not to have one. (boooooo!) the girls to the right  were doing tinsel-in-the-hair type of stuff. they were a big hit. (who doesn't like sparkly hair?!)

i didn't sell as much as i wanted to, but that's ok with me. my button bobbies and feather headbands were quite a hit. yay!

i'll be posting the headbands and a few other things i didn't sell on my etsy. (so look for that soon!)

here's my craft fair journey:

my living room the night before. total chaos!

 reversible throw pillows.  i like them so much i didn't want to bring them with me. 

more headbands. displayed on my quaker oats painted container.

 my actual table at the event.

lots of accessories. 

my vintage section.

oh so many tote bags!!!

 set of pink and gold wall art.

burlap candle holder.

my old roommate from college came to help me with the set up. loved seeing her and she was a real help.

seeing my old college roommate: priceless!
thanks for all your help k-girl!

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  1. Loving all of these items, especially the headbands. Plus that is awesome you were able to see your college roommate! I see mine in about 5 days and am so excited!