Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Christmas

Today is our first Christmas as a married couple. We've just opened gifts and I am having great fun with mine. Before I tell you what it is let me give you some background information. I've wanted an iPad for a long time but always thought of it as an extravagance rather than a necessity. However, the more I fiddled around with them at the store, the more I realized how practical they were and how much you could do with them. There's no way you'll ever get one in a million years, I thought (well, it just might take a million years). So as a half-jest I mentioned how I would just love an iPad for Christmas and how I could do this and that with it and use it for so many things. Karl scoffed and laughed since anything from the apple store is so expensive (and we are poor). Ok, well I tried. As Christmas approached, I kept looking for signs of an iPad around the house. Zero luck. Christmas morning came and the gifts were handed out. The first gift  I opened was a small square box which contained a pad of post-its with "i" written on the top. Haha, how clever. (and disappointing. and budget friendly).
The next gift was a box shaped just like an iPad- right size and everything! I got my hopes up and found a book wrapped in paper with an iPad drawn on it. On the screen was written "redeemable for 1 iPad at the time of your choosing."

 I was a little shocked and confused at this and looked breathlessly at Karl. He prompted me; "so what time do you choose?" (my mouth drops open at this point.
 "I choose now!!! I choose now!!!" then comes a gift bag from behind the Christmas tree. (drumroll please) It's an IPAD!!! At this point my mouth drops open and stays that way. Karl captures the moment.

     So far, I'd have to say it's been pretty sweet. I'm enjoying learning all the features. So far I've uploaded some cooking and recipe apps as well as the new food and wine magazine. (did you know you can get a free subscription for your iPad?) Karl made sure I uploaded some games like checkers and such for our trip home.
     Well, I guess I've taken a long enough break from practicing for now, but stay tuned for some great pictures, food, and recipes!

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