Friday, May 13, 2011

Winner and Trip to The American Art Museum

Well, this week has been a busy one to say the least! We have started packing and our apartment looks....well, bare and messy. I think we're up to 34 boxes packed. And even though it's a lot of work, I'm enjoying the process and am excited for summer to be underway. We'll head out to Minnesota to visit Karl's family and then to a music festival for about a month...But enough about that!

I am very excited to announce the winner of the giveaway: Moriah of Josiah's Nest! She will be winning this handcrafted flower necklace.

Recently, we took a trip to the American Art Museum in New Britain, CT. On Saturday mornings between 10-12 it's free and we were more than happy to take advantage of that. Set in a residential neighborhood, it's quite startling to see the modern building:

A large wall designed from disposable paper and plastic cups- each one separately secured on to the wall. (there was a tv showing slides of the mounting process)

A close up of the green section (my favorite color!)

I believe I am about 25 cups tall!

The museum also contained paintings....from the neck down it's female...

I loved this painting! The water in this picture looks like it's actually wet. I love the crest of the wave.

A marvelous glass works piece.

He looked SO real! 

Of course the museum had a lot of these patriotic themed ones, which I also love!

So that was our little trip! Quite fun for a rainy Saturday morning.

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  1. Woohoo! So excited to have won :) Hope you guys have an awesome summer, and if you get a chance, we'd love to see you down in Shakopee! :D