Tuesday, May 1, 2012

whhhaads up??? oh, i'm in my kitchen...

yesterday my kitchen was buuuuusy. i feel like i was in there for at least 12 hours and that yesterday was an entire week-long in one day. ever have one of those days? it was really tiring but immensely satisfying to have gotten so many things done. here are a few of my favorite things that i did yesterday:

i collected and cleaned some mint leaves to be dried for tea. now to grow lavender and blueberries. *sigh*

tried a new recipe for sandwich bread. do you know that store bought bread has a ridiculous amount of sodium in it? i looked at the pack of bagels we bought and one bagel has 600mg of sodium! 

tried a new recipe for cleaner. to make this orange oil cleaner, just put some orange peels in a glass jar and fill with vinegar. wait 2 weeks, take out the peels and pour into a spray bottle! you will have a wonderfully scented all purpose cleaner!
my mom used to clean with vinegar all the time- but straight from the bottle. even though our apartment would be clean, it would smell like salad dressing for hours. blegh! (sorry mom if you're reading this, but it's true!)

we had a coupon for crate and barrel so we picked up this awesome kitchen towel. we hung it up with tacks above our butler station. 

i also had a lot of fun making strawberry jam (recipe post coming soon- it's super delicious and you'll want to just eat it out of the jar with a spoon).

and in the afternoon, a mom who was coming to pick up her daughters from violin lessons spotted one of my headbands from my etsy shop and went crazy over them. she ended up buying $60 worth of headbands after she made me show her everything i made. 
not a bad way to end a violin lesson if you ask me ;)

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