Friday, March 4, 2011

Chicken Soup for the.....sick person

So for the past few days (OK, over a week) I've had this weird and also annoying sore throat/cough/muscle weakness. I stayed home a couple days from work, which helped some, but I still have this nagging cough. Anyway, this is not what the post is really about. It's really about the very sweet effort my husband put into making me better. He brought tissues, water, snacks, teas, and every comfort you could think of to my bedside. He even knew I wanted to watch Ratatouille and brought that to me too. (yes, I watch that every time I'm sick. It brings back my appetite. Oh, plus the Linguine character is awkwardly endearing.) He was so concerned about my hacking cough and helpless state that I tried stifling a couple coughs to ease his pained looks, but after a couple tries decided it only made my coughing worse. After a day of drinking a reservoir of water and crunching on crackers and corn flakes, my empty stomach cried for soup.
Here's what he came up with:

1 package of chicken ramen
1 egg
3 shakes of red pepper flakes

Cook ramen like you did in college (or follow the directions on the back). During the last minute of cooking the noodles, whisk in the egg. Add the pepper flakes. That. Simple.

It was awesome. Maybe the fact that I hadn't eaten anything all day with any flavor made it better, but it was awesome.  We have actually made it again since I have been sick and it still is 100% delicious. The egg gives the soup more hearty-ness and the red pepper flakes makes all your congestion clear up quickly. This soup is delicious and if you're running late or need a quick meal this soup is faster than boiling some pasta and adding sauce. (and much tastier, may I add)

Yes, I know ramen has 1 billion mg of sodium and 14 grams of fat. But it's super tasty, super fast, and super cheap. Plus, if you eat it with some crusty homemade bread you can't go wrong.

Don't judge. Give it a try to save some money and buy a Jamba Juice. That will totally even everything out. ;)

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