Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Recital

This coming Saturday is my husband's recital. For those who are not able to make it, I thought I'd do a little post with some pictures. We went to the local park to take some pictures for his recital posters. There's this really cool gardening shed with peeling paint that has a lot of character to it.

 First a bit about his recital- this is his first recital for his GPD degree (Graduate Professional Diploma) and he's playing some Bach, Beethoven, and Boccherini. (For those of you who are reading this and can come, it's at 8pm in Berkman Recital Hall at the  U. of Hartford.) I'm so glad I don't have to make the trek from Baltimore this year and can even put out a little reception for him. When I asked him what he would like for the reception his reply was in one word: chocolate. Then he promptly began to name things: brownies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cheesecake...Yeah ok, Karl... I think we'll have brownies and fruit with chocolate dip, and then some other non-chocolate items. I'm thinking coconut macaroons, some salty items, and drinks. Ok, enough about food (food always distracts me). Here's my studly hubs and his cello:

I ended up using only one picture in the poster, but it sure was fun to these (and a bunch more!) shots! 

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