Monday, November 21, 2011

oatmeal that {just might perchance} change your life.

Do you like eating oatmeal? yah, that's what i thought. me neither. but sometimes, it's good to eat a bowl because:

1. it is very filling
2. they say it is good for you
3. it's quick
4. it tastes horrible and must be healthy.

ha, ok, so the last one is not really true, but oatmeal is not the most delicious thing on earth. (and if you think so, you are weird)

but if you're going to have real oatmeal (and by real, i mean actually making it from plain oats in a pot, not some little sugar packet you pour in a bowl and microwave), this is the way to have it.

i was reading an article in glamour (don't judge me, i get a free subscription), and i was reading about some movie star who had a page of foods that she ate all the time because they were delicious. 

{oh and sidenote about that: do super-skinny-i'm-on-10-diets-all-at-the-same-time actors really know how delicious real food is? i mean, they're always talking about how they love broccoli and cucumbers and eat them constantly, and how celery is a close runner-up. blegh. really guys? your favorite?}

ok, back to the oatmeal. so i was reading about how this person cooks their oatmeal and how it's soooo creamy and delicious. well, i've tweaked her recipe to have some flavor and now i love oatmeal. it's a fact. and deal with it. 

enough blabbing and sidenote-ing. here's what you'll need:

:: 1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
::1 cup water
::1 cup unsweetened almond milk
::1/4 tsp. vanilla
:: a blop of pumpkin butter
:: and a topping, like nutella. or in today's version, pomegranate seeds.

 put the oats, water, and milk in a pot over medium low heat.
stir occasionally for 5 minutes
add the vanilla and blop of pumpking butter. (see below for visual on a blop)

stir it until all the pumpkin butter is dissolved.

cook for an additional 10-15 min. 
top with deliciousness.

now i will warn you, this isn't super sweet. i usually sprinkle some sugar on top of my bowl of oatmeal.  it's so much more yummy this way.

ta-da! you have a bowl of creamy, yummy, oatmeal that will keep your stomach full and body healthy!

what do you top your oatmeal with?

ps. happy thanksgiving! i'll be taking a little break from blogging for the holidays while we go on a much needed vacation. yay!


  1. The only oatmeal I can eat is the over-processed, over-sugared "fruit and cream" instant oatmeal. It's not good for you. It is yummy, though!

  2. Yum - I definitely am going to try this. The pumpkin butter looks really good. I have to admit if I ever eat oatmeal it is the good ole microwave kind :)