Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anniversary Dinner

Last week was our 1-year anniversary! Wow, does time fly! I think we only realized we were coming close to a year of marriage a couple days before our anniversary. To celebrate we, went out to have a greek dinner at a restaurant in New Haven, CT called Istanbul Cafe.  I had been craving lamb (my all-time favorite meat) and this place was perfect to subdue my craving.

I loved the tables- they all had these moroccan tiles with bright blues, reds, and yellows!

My entree- 5 lamb tips with rice pilaf, salad and roasted veggies. mmmmmmm.....

Karl's entree- lamb kabobs with rice pilaf, salad and roasted veggies.

Our table- we also had a traditional lemonade called "Limonata" which is a traditional drink made from mashing ENTIRE lemons to a pulp, straining them and thinning it with water. I thought it yielded a much stronger lemon flavor than regular lemonade.

The cafe! Inside it was so beautiful! Covered with intricate fabrics and lounges with pillows and bright colors. 

Us at home after dinner. We actually found a piece of our wedding cake that someone must have kept for us. It was quite a surprise to look in the freezer and find a container labeled "Karl and Jessica's Wedding Cake." I'd have to admit, it tasted pretty bad, but it was fun to find!

That's it for now, but look for a new post coming soon on some things I've been working on for my etsy shop!


  1. Now all I want is your entire entree. Yum!!

  2. Can't believe it's already been one year! Happy Anniversary!