Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gray's Papaya Hot Diggity Dogs and Papaya Juice!

While in the city, we of course have to eat some good food. When we go to Queens (to see my mom) there's a couple places we go to that I'll have to blog about some time: the curry place and the pizza place. Of course we have a couple meals cooked by my mom (whose food is better than most you will have a restaurants. You can listen to me go wild about her roasted leg of lamb, salad dressings, vegetable dishes, roast chickens, quiches, soups, beans, almond milk, talapia, oh, really anything she cooks is amazing).

But I digress....this time we went to Gray's Papaya (Karl didn't have a dog the last time we went) and I tried their famous Papaya juice!

Outside Gray's- it's just a tiny walk-in joint on the corner, covered with signs and sayings.

Inside Gray's. Behind the counter they have all sorts of fresh juices: Pineapple, Papaya, Orange...I really don't remember all the kinds they had. The dogs are cooked under this big hood with the stickers. Notice the paper fruit hanging from the ceiling: this is not a romantic date place.

Karl's first bite. Yum.


My Papaya Juice. It was more of a papaya drink with a kind of yogurt blended with the papaya. I will be drinking this again.

Me enjoying my Papaya Juice. Yummily delightful! If you are close to Juilliard  or Lincoln Center, Gray's Papaya is within walking distance.

And like I've posted about before, we stopped by Levain's Bakery for a Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie. 


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