Saturday, July 23, 2011

Music Festival Week 2 (more food, tennis and beauty)

Apart from being unsatisfied with my blogging frequency, things are going well. In fact, if they hadn't closed all the pools because of thunder, I might not even have done any blogging today! (boo for me)
So let's get started with some great pictures from around the resort:

There are lots and lots of these beautiful lilies around-and in all different colors!

I often see butterflies nestles inside the flowers diving in for a meal.

I snapped a this one right outside our condo. This area also contains a lot of luna moths, which to be honest, are a little freaky. (they like to fly into your face.)

Probably my favorite part of the festival :)

Inside pool and hot tub....

Outside pool (ahh!)

One of FiVe hot tubs.

Karl being a good advertisement for his favorite soda. or pop. or soda pop.

One set of tennis courts.

And a nice little viewing area for anyone who's interested in saving energy.

All right, that's all for now! (don't tell anyone I'm late to the concert because I was blogging ;)  )

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