Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Strawberry Picking!

Since I'm still playing catch-up from traveling so much and not being around internet, I'm going to keep this post fairly short... I had never been strawberry picking before so it was really exciting (as well as delicious)! I love fresh fruit and there's nothing fresher than eating a berry you have plucked off seconds before it's juices burst in your mouth. Yum YUM YUM!!!!  We went to a local farmer who opens up his patch for berry picking and picked quite a few buckets in a short amount of time.

The strawberry patch: it's pretty big!

They had hay between the rows so your knees don't get muddy while picking.

My gallon bucket full of delicious strawberries!

More berries! (3 gallons)

We picked 6 gallons of berries total. They were only $5.50 a gallon (compared to $2.50 a pint in CT) and were soooo much sweeter than any berry you will by in a grocery store. 
The berries were used for jam, pie, shortcake, and eating fresh!

Picking strawberries with my lovely hubs (who is clearly embarrassed to be kissed while his older brother takes the picture ;) ) It was very windy that day. (See below)

I didn't really mind the wind. I've heard that picking in sunny weather is just torture.

Going to pay for the strawberries. 
Strawberry picking was so fun and I wish we had something like that in Connecticut. I'll take fresh summer fruit ANyTimE!

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