Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apartment Tour Continued: The Kitchen

Before I get to the picts. I'd have to say decorating an apartment can be a bit frustrating at times. There are some things that I would looooooove to change in my apartment like wall colors, light fixtures, flooring, kitchen cabinets, and many other things. But when you rent, that changes things up a little. (also, we'll most likely be moving by next summer so we don't want to invest too much in things we'll have to leave behind) You work with what you've got and try not to think about how things could  look if you could have things your way. That being said, I still enjoy moving into a new place and getting to arrange the furniture and making things look fresh and new.  So here we go: on to the kitchen!

So this is actually part of the walk-in pantry that is perfect for storing much of our baking and misc. kitchen equipment

drying oregano. it's the prefect place to dry herbs because this place stays dry and dark.

we're big fans of America's Test Kitchen. 

 The left side of the kitchen. I know it looks messy, but that's realistic, right? 
I do like that our stove is gas- which is a change from our last apartment.

The view from the opposite side of the kitchen. we bought this cart/island off of craigslist (which is originally from ikea) and it's definitely a workspace we need and use often.

Hands down- my favorite way to store our knives. super accessible. who likes to go digging in a drawer for sharp objects? 

an ikea purchase which gives us even more accessibility and ease. that's what i'm about in the kitchen.

my poppy flower spoon rest! found at marshalls on clearance for $3. love.

my organizational board in the kitch. it has my grocery list, recipes we use on a weekly basis, meal ideas and some recipes i'd like to try soon.

part of my butler. or at least that's what I like to call it. 

ta-da! my butler. i cannot tell you how easy this makes my life. no opening drawers and cupboards when trying to set the table or getting someone a drink. also my measuring cups and spoons are always where I can reach them with floury hands and not leave four marks behind on drawers and such.

well, that's most of the kitchen for ya. there's also a food pantry off to the side of the stove where we keep food and such. it's really nice to have one (since we didn't have one in our previous place.) 
hope you enjoyed it!  

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