Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, No.2

The other day was sooooo beautiful- like how every autumn day should be- and I could not resist taking a walk out in the fresh, crisp air with a cup of coffee to sip on. (and of course, my handy little camera) :) 

I just love days when I can actually afford to take time in the middle of laundry/practicing/cooking/whatever I'm supposed to be doing
 and go out and do something spontaneous. In my college days (haha, I'm so old), I used to do a lot more of that sort of thing. Times are changing, folks, and we're not 19 anymore. ;)

Come join me on my walk through photos!
Here we go: (warning: if you don't like lots of pictures, this post is not for you. but then again, who doesn't like pictures?)

First colorful falling leaf I found. 

 so much red to love............

 this house looks like it was painted especially for autumn- doesn't it??

 there's a law school just a couple blocks away, and I snapped this as I saw it in the distance.

for a little school, it's really nice. seriously, why don't they make buildings like this anymore?
the college even has a community garden. so jealous.

this is probably one of my favorite houses to walk by. i think the roof should have actual thatching on it. 

curved edges? yes, please.

I immediately thought of The Secret Garden when I saw this. I really want to see that movie now.

crunchy leaves littering the sidewalks? totally my favorite.

ready for halloween :)

hope you enjoyed going on a little picture stroll with me!
and feel free to drop by for a cup of tea sometime. really anytime.
*love fall*

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  1. sooo pretty! Please pick a few leaves for me.