Thursday, February 23, 2012

awesome garbage.

i don't often pick up garbage. especially other people's garbage.

when i see furniture or other cool things people put out on the curb i usually drive by and then think about it for a couple hours. 

then it occurs to me that the desk, chair, lamp, etc. i saw would be PERFECT for this or that place in my home. 

i get in the car and frantically drive back to where i saw the item on the curb.

and. it. is. gone.

this happened a month or two ago with a beeauuuuuutiful vintage aqua painted desk. everything was perfect. the color. the hardware. the style. the size. 

after this happened i told myself not to let another awesome opportunity go by.

fast forward.......

i drove by these two chairs the other day and picked them up. they are solid wood and heavy. well made, you know? i absolutely cannot wait to re-do them. sand them, repaint, re-upholster. 

so excited.

but i can't decide on colors patterns. i was thinking either paint them grey or white and then have a little more adventure on the seats. what do you think?

any ideas???? i'd love suggestions.


  1. I love the idea of white or light gray with a fun fabric. Such a great find. They have great potential.

  2. They are super cute! I think a light yellow with a sweet fabric! Even a teal! Try something different than you normally would. They were free and you can always paint over them if you try something that you dont end up liking =)

  3. Those chairs are darling! What about the grey/mustard combo that's so popular right now?