Thursday, February 2, 2012

wiww: how to layer to keep warm

it's thursday. and i'm doing a what i wore wednesday. 

yes, the week has gone by a little faster than i thought.


in the winter, it gets pretty cold up north. and i'm pretty much always cold when everybody else feels pretty comfortable temperature-wise. so i've learned to layer. that's really what will add dimension and interest to an outfit while meeting my insulation needs. 

after i read the e-book the no brainer wardrobe,  i saw a layering expanded. some combinations i would have never thought looked good together, really worked!

so without further adieu, here's how i keep warm. without looking like i'm a polar bear in a ski jacket.

(this was paired with skinny jeans and ballet flats, just fyi)
there are 4 layers going on here:
::tank (underneath the gray t-shirt)
:: gray short sleeve tee
:: blue button down long sleeve shirt
:: hunter green cardigan (also long sleeve of course)

adding bright belt and necklace really keep things interesting and tied together.

(f-minus on m hair that day by the way)
now this is a really warm outfit. here are the layers:
::tank top underneath it all
:: brown cashmere turtle neck (it's pretty thin, but very warm. always go with cashmere if you want to stay warm)
:: orange cardigan  (it gives shape buttoned up)
:: accessorize by layering necklaces and you are set to go!
p.s. one of my favorite color combos right now is mint and tangerine.

in this outfit, there are 3 layers:
::tank top (under the blue shirt)
:: blue shirt 
:: navy blazer. this navy blazer is one of my favs. it's cottony, soft, and stretchy so it doesn't feel as stiff as  a regular blazer. 
:: creme scarf. because i rolled up my sleeves and wore a shorter skirt with no tights/pantyhose, i needed some extra warmth. if you make sure either your neck/torso region or your waist/legs region is pretty warm you can afford to pull a look like this off in the winter. just make sure either your top or bottom is well covered and warm. 

how do you stay fashionably warm in winter?

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  1. You are just too cute, Jessica!

    And, even though I'm a cold weenie, I rare *get* the chance to layer much less feel the need to since E. Texas is sooooo warm for the most part.

    But when I do, I definitely am a fan of boots, tights, and scarves!