Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the state of things. in CT.

lately things have been quite crazy around here. 

the busy kind of crazy. 

and blogging kind of got pushed to the side and overlooked. but to tell you the truth, i haven't been doing much online these days. it's like the internet has lost it's draw for me.

hurrah for breaking my addiction to pintrest. and not even realizing it. 

we have been going out and about a lot these days and traveling a bit. 2 days last week, 2 days this week. it's fun to go away and experience a new city every once in a while. but i'd have to say, i'm always excited to come home. there's just something extra comfy about being in your own bed and having your own kitchen.

oh and while i'm on the subject of home, i rearranged our living space again. i'm not sure that it actually looks better. i think i just like the change to something different. i made a small collage on our wall of pictures from our albums. we hardly ever print out pictures but when we do, we slot them away in one of our albums. how silly! it's fun to look at them every day and reminisce about our fun times. 

speaking of fun times, today is a long day of teaching for me. sometimes i drag my feet to the studio, not at all looking forward to seeing each student. it takes a lot of energy keep especially the young ones engaged for the full time of our lesson. and on those days that i dread teaching, my heart gets warmed by a little girl telling me that her violin is her best friend. 

too precious. 

the weather has been getting colder this week and i've been biting all the skin off my lips. dont' ask me why. i don't even realize i'm doing it. it's probably a stress related habit. 


and on this lovely note, dear readers, i need a cup of coffee. or sanka. which is what i'm drinking these days. (did you know it's like 99% caffeine free?) 

~happy tuesday~

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