Tuesday, February 7, 2012

thoughts in the shower

i love a warm shower. it's the best place for me to do my thinking.

my stress melts away and i am so relaxed.

this realization happened a couple days ago in the shower.

the other day i was a bit annoyed.

not for a good reason, but for something silly.

i was upset that i had been the last one to fill up the gas tank the past 4 (or more?) times. i don't really hate fueling up. i think i just dislike standing out in the cold holding a pump to the car. whatever. i had a really bad attitude. i was blabbing in my head, complaining to myself how wrong it was to always be the one to fill up the car and other (now silly) things.  

as i was thinking all these horribly mean things, it occurred to me that my life is truly blessed. i mean, seriously, if the most upsetting thing in my life right now is that i have the responsibility of filling up our car with gas, my life is truly blessed. i instantly realized how this upsetting thought had consumed me. and it was so wrong. 

when i realize i am getting upset at things in life which are of no consequence, it is then that i should stop and realize how blessed my life is. 

because i am blessed beyond measure.

1 comment:

  1. I would fill the gas tank every time...if I had a car.