Tuesday, April 24, 2012

balcony garden

this year i started a mini (and by mini i mean a couple pots on the porch) garden. when you live in the city, it's pretty much all you can do. well, there are community gardens, but i am not that adventurous to have a plot and actually grow things far away. (aka, if i have to put on shoes, it's far away)

i'm super ocd with these plants. i check on them like 5 times a day and move them according to the sunlight and feel their dirt for moisture. i'm watering them, trimming them and i have a strong feeling they won't last the entire summer. (i'm super unlucky with plants of any kind.)

 here they are!
on the far left is ROSEMARY- supposed to last all summer and come back next year. love perennials. i'm afraid to trim it too much, so i'm just letting it be for now.

next are 2 LEAF LETTUCE plants i bought from whole foods. they were a bit tinier when i first got them and have grown a bunch! i don't know how to harvest the leaves....and i don't want to kill them...anybody know how?

in the front are my CHIVES. these survived from last summer and i am completely surprised. i had cut them all off a couple days before ( i read that was good for them) so now they're are all really short.

on the right to the back is MINT. it's kind of like a weed, but still not growing fast enough for me. this is also a perennial (yay!).  the dried leaves make a wonderful tea. 

on the right is my BASIL and 2 more LEAF LETTUCE. i originally had these on the other side of the porch, but some bug was eating it. moved it to the other side of the porch and bingo. problem solved. guess lazy bugs live on my porch. fine with me. 

 leaf lettuce! 

can you see the 3 little green sprouts? that's basil i planted from seed! i thought it was never going to sprout but a month later, it's finally showing! 

rosemary. how do i trim this? snip off from the top? sides?

basil and leaf lettuce. both were started as littler plants. i don't really haven any faith in my ability to grow from seed. and i don't like waiting forever from them to sprout.

what do you grow?

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