Saturday, April 28, 2012

the best of bacon

i pretty much love bacon. it is sosososososososo good. it may surprise you that i did not have bacon until i was in college. (yay! sheltered food diet growing up)

i also did not have chocolate until i was 16 years old. that also may surprise you.

however, unlike my reaction to chocolate, i loooooved bacon from the minute it crunched in my mouth and the smoky, salty wonderfulness filled my mouth.

i had 12 pieces of bacon that day. in one meal. breakfast.

that being said, you can imagine my delight at finding these wonderful pins on pinterest.

please, be my guest and let your eyes and heart feast on the wonderfulness and humor below.

i'd have to say, it would be my dream if i was paid to review different brands and kinds of bacon. except for turkey bacon. that stuff should not be allowed to be called bacon. it shames the name from whence it came. anyone else agree? ;)

are you a bacon person too?

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