Thursday, April 26, 2012

(i bought crocs) shhhh!

although the fashion world may never forgive me, i bought some crocs. you know- the brand that became famous like 10 years ago for making the world's most ugly, most comfortable shoe. probably mario batali helped them become famous as well. (you know,  the super-famous chef) he wears the orange ones all the the kitchen, on tv, on the red carpet. 

you can see by this picture that he had to coordinate them with an orange tie so they wouldn't look absolutely ridiculous.  (ok, so they still look horrible)

just so you know, the original ones looked like this:

pretty horrible, right? but i swear on bacon, they are like the world's most comfortable shoe. i actually had the green pair (bottom right) in college. i wore them pretty often. oh and after that year, there was an ACTUAL RULE made that crocs were NOT appropriate for classroom attire and you could get demerits if you wore them to class. (what?!?!?! yes. it's true.)

fast forward like 6 years. crocs realizes even though they have the worlds most comfortable shoe, everybody who wears them basically looks like they're headed to a clown audition and barnum & bailey.

enter: new designs.

to be honest, i don't really have any summer shoes that are not 1. high heels, or 2. platform wedges, or 3. wearable in the rain (aka, not flat sandals, flip-flops, etc), oh and 4. also comfortable for miles of walking a day.

after searching lots of athletic apparel stores and trying on expensive "comfort" shoes (think born, merril, sanuk, and such) i finally tried on some crocs at cabela's. so. comfortable. like so, SO comfortable. unfortunately they didn't have these babies in the color i wanted, so i had to order them online. 

so cute, right? i love the color and how the inside is really colorful and most importantly that it's super comfy. the comfort part is the most important because these shoes are 1 of 2 pairs i will be bringing with me to europe this year. the other pair will be teva's just fyi.

when looking for a shoe that you will walk 5-10 miles a day in, it has to be "oh, wow, my foot could NEVER get uncomfortable in this shoe- feels like heaven!" you cannot get a shoe that you feel like "oh, this is really comfortable." believe me, there will be a time when the heaven shoes will become uncomfortable, but it will be much further down the road than you "really comfortable" shoes.

anyways, i am so excited to finally have these shoes. after a long trip from ontario, then california, and finally connecticut (can you tell i was tracking these babies everyday since i got the "your item has shipped" email?) i am happy to be wearing them.  unfortunately, crocs do not carry 1/2 sizes so for these i had to order a size up.  

yayah for new shoes! what are your most comfortable pair of shoes?

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  1. Oh my goodness those are adorable!!!! I have not been keeping up with the Croc line apparently, because I had no idea they made shoes like that now. We're headed to Cabelas today and I might have to take a look at those!