Saturday, April 28, 2012

new glasses!

have you guys heard of zenni optical? it's sooooo amazing if you wear glasses- you should check them out! [ok. that's all i'm going to say about that. ] 

both karl and i ordered new glasses a little over a week ago, and they came in the mail today. i really like my frames- i think they're trendy and more of what my style is (or is becoming).

earrings: charming charlies
glasses: zenni optical
jacket: marshalls
super-comfy-colored pants and belt: old navy 
shirt: target
shoes: chinese laundry via tj maxx (remember when i got these last year for like $3?)

we went outside and took some pictures, also featuring my new colored pants from old navy (yeah! scored on clearance with the belt!)

also notice that my hair is getting longer and i can finally put it in a bun with no bobby pins!
yay for longer hair. mine grows so... slowly...

i think i may start wearing my glasses more than my contacts. 

i really like that this season's colors are bright and bold.  they just look so happy! these colored pants (one of the best $10 i spent) are ALMOST more comfortable than my yoga pants! can you believe that?   crazy. they're easy to wear- you can roll them up or down and they look great either way.

what's your go-to spring/summer piece?


  1. I think I'm planning to go a little more geeky with Gunnar Optics glasses - computer protection glasses. Glad these are working for you, though.

  2. I am also all about the colored pants. I thought I would hate them but now I own two pairs and I love them! Your new glasses are super cute :).

  3. Your new glasses look great on you! I have glasses but I almost always wear my contacts. Your green pants are so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I'm lovin' those glasses!! Those pants are fantastic too. I'm growing out my hair too, slowly but surely. I just got to the point where I can get it into a bun too! :) New follower!