Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i'm back!

wow. it's been a long time since i've blogged ANYthing. 'bout a month my the date of my last post. before you think i deserted all humanity just for the fun of it, let me explain: for some odd reason i ran out of space on my blogger account. (perhaps i upload too many large pictures?) i looked into relocating my pictures to another storage site and even starting another blog under a different publisher. but alas, my lazy bones didn't do fbi-quality research and i ended up (finally) paying a yearly fee to get more space on my blog. since you probably have no idea what i've been up to these days (unless you're like my mom or something) i'll give you a little update.

-my husband had his graduate cello recital and a bunch of people showed up from our church. it was really nice to have all of them there.

-i decided to have a nice little reception for after his recital. we had lots of little sweets including:
chocolate strawberry oreo cake
coconut lime sugar cookies
lemon bars
chocolate covered pretzels
chocolate mints
chocolate peanut butter cups
veggie tray
chocolate covered oreos
chips and salsa
that was a busy baking day.

-his parents drove out from Minnesota and stayed with us for 5 days.

-we drove to a wedding in South Carolina and had a blast seeing old friends and getting away for a couple days.

-i bought plants to start a little balcony garden. my chives survived the winter so my little collection now includes:
and 4 lettuce plants.

i may be blogging about this soon.

-the weather is definitely warming up. yesterday was 89F. What?!?!?!?! yes, i live in the northeast.

-found the perfect hair products/combination. may also be blogging about this soon.

-ordered my first pair of crocs online. (eeks! i paid full price for shoes! i never do that.)

-karl and ordered new pairs of glasses. can't wait for those to come either! (i hope they look good)

-my mom ordered me new makeup from faire organic. also waiting for that to come in the mail.

-we planned out our summer. hello europe!

-read a really good post on talked about how when people only blog about the awesome stuff that's going on in their lives it gives a really skewed perception of real life. i'm gonna be really real with you guys. when my plants die and when my kitchen is an explosion of mess i may photograph it for you. you're welcome.

-i finished the hunchback of notre dame. spoiler alert: everyone dies.

-still not done with the hobbit, by the way.

-saw the hunger games on opening day. wept through the entire movie. forgot tissues, so my sweater sleeves were soaked.

-oh and most recently, ate a filet mignon steak for dinner. and now i'm on the couch blogging. i'll probably only get up to have some ice cream later.

ps. i'm not really as lazy as i pretend to be. but sometimes i am. like now.


  1. Europe!?

    This is Kari, by the way--in case your blog doesn't tell you and you think I'm some crazy stalker or something :]

  2. Yay, welcome back! I was actually thinking the other day that it had been awhile since you'd shown up in my Reader. Glad to hear things are going well for you!