Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Irene Sandwich (yes, like the hurricane)

Today was rather uneventful. According to the news however, it was supposed to be one of the worst storm days since the dastardly hurricane of 1938. Thankfully uneventful, I should say. By the time the hurricane got to our state it was much less strong and had been downgraded to a tropical storm. I should mention however, that we were lucky to never loose power as over 1/2 a million people in our area are without power and have been warned that they should be prepared to be without electricity for a week. Ooof. Definitely thankful we won't have to worry about that.

Church was cancelled so we stayed up late (and then of course woke up late this morning). The funny thing about rainy days is that they always (with few exceptions) inspire me to eat.  (not difficult) Today was no different. A couple days ago I was gifted some homegrown garden tomatoes and have been watching as one by one they spoil. Well. NO. LONGER. I was determined to have tomatoes even if my head exploded with a headache later.  So here's the yuuuummy sandwich I came up with:

It is called the Irene Sandwich simply because I brought it into existence while Irene was blowing around outside :)

Ingredients: toasted bread, cheddar cheese, fried egg (with salt and lemon pepper), bacon, fresh basil and tomato

Toast your bread, fry your egg, slice your tomato and cheese, pick your basil and cook your bacon (our favorite way is in the oven)

Layer the cheese on first and place the hot egg over the cheese to melt. Next on goes the bacon ( I have a heavy hand when it come to bacon, but the basil and tomato really lighten it up)

Lay enough basil to get some in each bite you take (about 4 leaves) and put tomato on top.

Ta-da! Layers Of Flavor.  The Irene Sandwich: hasty, tasty, filling, and flavorful!

What are some of your favorite things  to put in your sandwiches?

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