Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

The past few days have brought loooovely weather. (minus the earthquake we had yesterday. Earthquake in Connecticut??!?!?! yeah, that's what I say) The breeze is cool and the apartment stays a comfortable temperature without any A/C.

Since we moved recently, we have really enjoyed taking walks in our beautiful, new neighborhood. There are still some of the old houses around and each of them has their own personality and character. I love to just take a leisurely down some of the streets and enjoy the scenery and beauty.

On yesterday's walk, we discovered that the neighbors on the corner actually have an apple and pear tree that are bearing fruit. (that's pretty cool for city living)

Here are some of the things I enjoyed on my walk today:

Our apartment building! When it was originally built (early 1900's) it was a ONE family home.

Slate sidewalks- when it comes down to it, they're just really cool.

Self-portrait on walk.

Some may say bug eaten, but I see a heart-shaped leaf of lace.

I love how this chimney was merged into a bay. (see blue sky and puffy clouds? beAUtIFUL daY!)

Reminds me of a typical country house:  long wrap-around porch, blue and white paint, simple structure.

Love the dormers.

My favorite thing is the masonry work. Stone columns supporting the porch with arches. 

Doesn't the bark of this tree remind you of shark skin? (or was I the only one watching Discovery Channel's "Shark Week"?)

We made fun of this house having a circle walk in the front. 

Another one of my fav's. Love the rounded turret and the detail woodwork in some of the windows.

The apples

The pears!

MeGA mushroom

These are the people who have the fruit trees. I may have to meet them.

A lovely house with a barn-house shape. Cool.

What do you love about your neighborhood?


  1. Oooo! What a pretty neighborhood! I don't know if I have a favorite among all those pretty houses.

  2. me either! we are just loving where we live now :)