Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Perfect Morning

How can morning not go right when it starts this way? (Well, it actually started by waking up next to my best friend. Don't worry, I married him) Any other coffee lovers out there? I'm not a purist- I take lots of additional flavors to my coffee. Lots of flavored creamer, lots of shuggaah. Which is probably a good thing because as it is I usually feel preeetty awake until 1am on days when I drink a cup.

The only coffee maker I own. (ikea french press) Cinnabon Creamer (need I explain the word delish?) and the first mug I ever made in pottery. (yeah, I've made lots better since then, but my attachment to this mug in ridiculously sentimental)

Lately, I've been working on some things with the blog: adding a "follow me by email" button for my not-attached-to-the-internet-yet family and friends, as well as a reel of blogs I love and a general new look to my blog. It's still in the works, people... I'm also concocting a schedule of themed blog posts for each day of the week and more customization for the page.

Oh yes, and also an A W E S O M E giveaway you will not, I repeat, not want to miss.

Give me feedback peeps- what works for your blog, what you like to read about, how you edit and format pages, pictures and posts, how you add "buttons," any useful info you're willing to share with a bloggie-wanna-be!  :)

And if you're feeling especially (see? I used pink!)  generous,  click the Join This Site button and make my day!! :D

Happy Hump Day, Folks! 

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